Power Electronics

Chipset Enables Complete Power Systems

Vicor’s family of V·I Chip components enables complete power systems using Factorized Power Architecture (FPA). FPA separates or ‘factorizes’ regulation and voltage transformation functions into flexible, high-performance building blocks. V·I Chip components have power density up to 1.2 kW/in3 and efficiency up to 97%.

The PRM (non-isolated regulator) and VTM (current multiplier) components deliver efficient 48-V direct-to-load power conversion. For low-voltage, high-current requirements (e.g. microprocessors), the VTM module enables 91 A/in2 point of load (POL) density. FPA allows the PRM module to be deployed remotely, providing greater design flexibility and a 95% reduction in distribution loss.

In traditional 48-V architectures, Vicor’s 48-V BCM modules are available with output voltages of 1.5 V to 48 V up to 300 W. Furthermore Vicor’s 350-V to 380-V BCM converters provide efficient high-voltage distribution and post-PFC high-voltage dc-dc conversion to non-isolated POL converters in telecom and high-end server systems.

The V•I Chip family is in mass production now with immediate sample availability. A V•I Chip PRM + VTM chipset to convert from 48 V direct to 1 V, 100 A is available for $49 in OEM quantities. BCM converters are available from $32.50 each in OEM quantities.

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