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Bus Converters Support Series/Parallel Stacking

Vicor’s B352F110T30 is a high-voltage V•I Chip Bus Converter with a power density of greater than 1000W/in3. This BCM converter is a high-efficiency (>95%), Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) operating from a 330-Vdc to 365-Vdc primary bus to deliver an isolated 10.3-V to 11.4-V secondary bus voltage.

Used individually or with paralleled outputs for higher power, the converter offers a high-power-density high-voltage dc-dc system for offline ac-dc SMPS and high-voltage distribution systems. Additionally, outputs may be connected in series to create higher voltages for applications such as RF amplifiers.

The V•I Chip Bus Converter Module package measuring 1.28 in. x 0.87 in. x 0.26 in. is compatible with standard pick-and-place surface-mount machinery and assembly processes. It provides flexible thermal management through its low junction-to-case and junction-to-board thermal resistance. Due to its high conversion efficiency and safe operating temperature range, the BCM may not require a heatsink in typical applications.

The B352F110T30 is available now. It is priced at $37.40 in OEM quantities.

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