Power Electronics

Bus Converters Suit Datacom Applications

Cherokee International’s range of CBE eighth-brick and CBQ quarter-brick dc-dc, nonisolated, intermediate bus converters are suited for datacom applications. High efficiencies make the bus converters cost-effective solutions that can exploit the lower resistive losses of 48-V systems. These converters also function well with POLs and discrete circuit designs to power current and future chip sets.

The converters meet basic insulation requirements of EN60950 and includes remote on-off control. Other features include 1500-Vdc input-to-output isolation, no minimum load requirements, constant frequency operation for predictable EMI characteristics, low ripple and noise, and auto restart after fault shutdown. Most converters are offered in both open frame and base plate versions. Pricing ranges from $24 to $44 in OEM quantities, depending on specific model.

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