Power Electronics

Bus Converters Provide up to 25 A at 12 V

Tyco Electronics' QBW025A0B series of dc-dc power modules provide up to 25 A output current in a quarter-brick package. These isolated modules are well suited for high-power 12-V intermediate bus voltage applications where multiple lower output voltages are generated using modular point-of-load converters (POLs).

The power modules operate over a wide input voltage range of 36 V to 75 V and provide a single, optimally regulated 12-V ±5% output while operating at a power density of 220 W/in3. These modules incorporate synchronous rectification technology and innovative packaging techniques to achieve efficiency reaching 94% at a 12.0-V full load. This leads to lower power dissipation, eliminating the requirement for a heatsink in many applications.

Standard features include built-in filtering for both input and output, remote on/off, low output ripple and noise, output overcurrent/voltage protection, short-circuit protection and input undervoltage lockout. Optional features include active load sharing, baseplate (-H), auto restart after a fault shutdown and case ground pin. Samples are available now. Each module is priced at $57.10 for 1000 units.

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