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Two models DCP1 and DCP2 span a temperature range from 65 to 200 degC Image courtesy of

Two models, DCP-1 and DCP-2, span a temperature range from -65 to 200 °C. (Image courtesy of

Benchtop Systems for IC Temperature Testing

Efficient cooling and heating with high-watt-emitting devices was recently introduced by InTEST Thermal Solutions. Two benchtop systems for temperature testing integrated circuits including high-Watt emitting devices have been introduced by inTEST Thermal.

The Temptronic® ThermoSpot® consists of a highly responsive benchtop temperature forcing unit that feeds a thermal probe head through a flexible umbilical. The thermal probe is designed with an interchangeable ThermoBridge™ to mate directly to an IC or other device under test creating a highly efficient thermally conductive path to quickly induce temperatures to the device, even under power.

Interfacing to the DUT is available for in-circuit and test socket applications. Connecting the thermal head to the DUT is made easy and precise through a quick lock-down mechanism on the thermal head.

Two models, DCP-1 and DCP-2, span a temperature range from -65 to 200 °C. The DCP-1 provides cooling power of 25W at -40 °C for lower power devices, while the DCP-2 provides a capacity to cool 55W at -55 °C and 120W at -40 °C.

A touch-screen controller permits user-programmable temperatures, graphing, data logging, and more. Using DUT control, with a thermocouple or diode, the system provides fast and precise transitions to temperature at the IC. 

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