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APEC Technical Session: Influence of High-Frequency Near-Field Coupling Between Magnetic Components on EMI Filter Design

In this paper, a series resonant converter and a LED driver have been implemented by using a film bulk acoustic resonators (FBAR) in place of the inductor. This MEMS device can offer very high inductance density with excellent Q factor and can be conveniently fabricated in a CMOS compatible process. FBARs are smaller in size and weight compared to an inductor offering the same inductance per volume and quality factor, and therefore,, FBAR based power converters can offer higher power density. Simulation and experimental results with zero voltage switching (ZVS) and zero current switching (ZCS) have been provided to validate the use of FBARs in power converter circuits. The EMI of a discrete inductor based converter has been compared to that of an FBAR based converter, and the FBAR based converter showed better EMI performance. To the knowledge of the authors, the use of FBAR in power converter circuits has not been reported in the literature yet.

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