Power Electronics

APEC 2011 New Product Introductions

The Applied Power Electronics Conference is a showcase for the latest power semiconductors, power supplies, and components. Here ís a sampling of some of the new power-handling products introduced at this year's APEC.

Digital Power Technology Auto-Tunes Power Supplies
MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS announces its entry into the fast-growing digital power market with its patented* InTune brand digital power technology; it is based on or control, .rather than proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control used by competitors....

Dual Coil Has High Common and Differential Mode Impedance for LED Lamps
Saving space and reducing bill of material components are always on the minds of design engineers, especially in LED retrofit lamp market....

First Generation, High Voltage Alpha-MOS(tm) Platform
ALPHA AND OMEGA SEMICONDUCTOR LIMITED ("AOS") introduced its first high-voltage (600V) product based on a proprietary Alpha-MOS technology platform....

Digital Power Factor Correction Controller with Power Metering
ANALOG DEVICES, INC. (ADI) announced the first digital PFC (power factor correction) controller with highly accurate AC power meter capability and inrush control functionality....

60 Amp IR3550 PowIRstage
INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, IR introduced the IR3550, th the fi firs rst in a fam amil ily of int nteg egra rate ted Po PowI wIRs Rsta tage ge® pr prod oduc ucts ts tha hat delivers higher efficiency and better thermal performance than competing solutions...

Full-bridge PWM Controllers with Integrated MOSFET Gate Drivers
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP. introduced the industry’s first full-bridge pulse width modulation (PWM) controllers to integrate all four primary-side bridge MOSFET gate drivers....

Step-Down Regulators Deliver Highest Power Density, Efficiency In Smallest Package
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED (TI) introduced the industry’s smallest, most efficient step-down regulators with integrated FETs to support up to 25 A for telecommunications, networking and other applications....

Second Generation Digital Power Controller
POWERVATION announces the release of their second generation digital power controller designated PV3012....

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