Power Electronics

Analyzer Eases Installation, Maintenance & Analysis of Cables

Rohde & Schwarz has developed a handheld cable and antenna analyzer that features an advanced set-up measurement "wizard" to simplify the user interface. Optimized for cable and antenna measurements, the handheld ZVH Series analyzer's measurement wizard enables users to easily set up test parameters and execute all measurements with the touch of a single button.

Capable of multiple measurements, including reflection, cable loss, distance-to-fault and transmission measurements, the ZVH Series analyzer provides a high dynamic range of up to 100 dB for transmission measurements. In addition, the portable ZVH Series antenna analyzer features a built-in Bias-Tee and internal power supply for measuring towermounted amplifiers. The ZVH Series is also capable of using external RF power sensors, such as the R&S FSH-Z14, for in-line testing of amplifiers up to 300W, eliminating the need for additional components. The antenna analyzer also has a full 2-port vector network analysis option (s11, s21, s12, s22, group delay, elec. length measurement etc.) that delivers high accuracy for RF component tests.

The ZVH Series allows technicians to set up, test and download files to their PC in three easy steps. All user interface options are completed on the ground, and the one-button "start-and-stop" functionality for all measurements reduces the number of tasks and amount of time technicians spend on the base station tower, a considerable safety factor.

The ZVH Series is available in 3.6 and 8 GHz versions and has easy to update software options to add vector voltmeter and spectrum analysis measurement capabilities.

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