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Agreement Emphasizes Commercialization of Organic Photovoltaics

Konarka Technologies and Toppan Forms have signed a joint agreement to accelerate the development, manufacturing and commercialization of polymer-based organic photovoltaic (OPV) technologies for consumer and electronic applications. Under the agreement, the mutual goal is to commercialize Konarka'a organic photovoltaic material, Power Plastic.

"Konarka's Power Plastic is flexible, thin, printable and low in cost, providing our organization with promising new business opportunities as we strive to become an integrated information management service company," commented Masanori Akiyama, president and CEO of Toppan Forms. "With the full-fledged advent of the ubiquitous society under way, we need an ever-present power technology that can be integrated with pervasive networked devices for information collection and distribution. We are delighted to collaborate with Konarka, the world leader in OPV technologies, to accelerate the commercialization of this transformational power technology to the market place."

Organic photovoltaic material is a thin layer of polymeric materials, sandwiched between two printed electrodes. It can be manufactured by traditional printing processes and generates electricity upon exposure to light.

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