Advice for leaders: Create an energy council

Earlier this year, a group of policy analysts and researchers convened at the Sandia National Labs to talk about energy problems. Out of this meeting came a report called, "Perspectives on : Security, Economics, and the Environment." Besides recommending the formation of an energy council, the workshop attendees also advised policymakers to focus their attention on outcomes and values rather than on mandating specific technical solutions (think CFLs).

Other recommendations for action included developing educational curricula that address energy and sustainability as a way to accelerate the development of next-generation technologies and educate a workforce. There were also suggestions to better engage the public to think about their energy choices and help citizens make informed decisions. They also suggested an assessment of the nation's energy security status, comparable to those already executed for environmental and economic security.

Participants came from a variety of organizations, including the automotive industry, universities, and the national labs.

The full report, as well as an Executive Summary, are now available online at

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