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Advanced Digital Controller Matches Analog Control Bandwidth, Transient Response

Advanced Digital Controller Matches Analog Control Bandwidth, Transient Response

The ADP1055 advanced digital power controller from Analog Devices, Inc. uses Analog Devices’ high-resolution, high-speed A/D converter sensing technology combined with proprietary non-linear transfer functionality to achieve high bandwidth performance and transient response equivalent to traditional analog switching controllers. The digital controller has six PWM (pulse-width modulation) logic outputs that can be programmed using an easy-to-use graphic user interface via the PMBus interface.

The device enables high-energy-efficiency topologies including full bridge with precision drive timing and control of secondary synchronous rectifiers. The controller’s GIPO (general-purpose I/O) can be configured for active clamp secondary energy efficient snubbing. Energy efficiency is further optimized using adaptive dead-time compensation to improve the efficiency over the load range.

The ADP1055 provides accurate analog and digital fault signaling via the PMBus and configurable GPIO. The device also records first instance of fault and provides ‘black box’ fault history recording capability—ideal for analyzing system failure mechanisms and reliability.

The digital power controller’s GUI (graphic user interface) enables customers to design and store settings in the high-reliability, internal EEPROM memory. The digital power controller is available in a 5-mm x 5-mm LFCSP package—an optimal size for high-density, high-frequency, compact, isolated DC-to-DC power modules or embedded designs for networking, communications and industrial applications operating from 100 W and higher.

In quantities of 1,000, the controller is list priced at $4.60 each.


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