Power Electronics

AC Load Banks

The AC6120 from OHM Powertek is a single phase, 120VAC, 6KW Load Bank suitable for connection to solar inverters, aircraft inverters, UPS or any AC power source. This load bank can be used at any voltage lower than 120VAC with reduced power draw. The AC6120 is a 19" rack-mount/bench-top load bank, ideal for integration into racked test systems or bench-top testing.

This low cost load bank utilizes six manual toggle switches with series fuses for each load step (2KW x 2, 1KW, 500W, 250W x 2), providing 250W resolution. 115VAC forced air cooling is also provided.

The AC6120 can be easily modified for different voltage and power ratings, or any other requirements to meet the customer's exact specification.

The AC SERIES load banks are intended for connection to any 120VAC or 240VAC single-phase, 120VAC/240VAC split voltage, or 120/208VAC three-phase WYE source. These units are completely enclosed in 19" rack-mount/bench-top chassis and can be operated continuously at 100% duty cycle. Three power ratings to choose from 2.5KW, 6KW, and 10KW. The AC SERIES is ideal for integration into racked test systems or bench-top testing of aircraft power inverters, small generator sets, UPS units and any other AC power source.

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