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75W DC-DC Converters Have 155-480VDC Input Range

GAIA Converter has released a new family of high input voltage DC-DC Converters targeting avionic, aerospace, military and missile applications. The MGDS-75-S series have an input voltage range of 155-480V, making them suitable for 270V applications such as those needing to meet MIL-STD-704E/F requirements, or for use with Power Factor Corrected front end converters such as Gaia's HGMS-350 series. The family consists of 5 individual single output models offering 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V and 26V outputs, each capable of delivering up to 75W in the industry standard Quarter Brick footprint of 57.9mm x 36.8mm x 12.7mm. The units have ±10% voltage trim capability, meaning for example that 28V applications can also be catered for using the 26V nominal device.

Efficiency levels are as high as 92%, and the standard operating temperature range is -40°C to +105°C case temperature, with an option available for -55°C start up operation, if required. The units incorporate a complete suite of protection functions such as under voltage lockout, over voltage protection, current limit & over temperature protection, and all units are permanently short circuit proof.

Designed for high reliability applications, the MGDS-75-S does not use optocouplers in the feedback loop, and operates using a fixed switching frequency of 500kHz. They can be operated at zero load, and employ soft start circuitry which allows for current limiting, and eliminates inrush current during start up. Multiple devices can be synchronized directly together to force a single overall switching frequency, or can be connected to an external frequency source. For applications requiring increased power levels, an optional parallel pin is offered for direct connection of multiple modules ensuring accurate current share.

GAIA Converter
Part Number: MGDS-75-S

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