Power Electronics

7-15V, 60A, 4-Programmable DC-DC Converter

Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. introduces the FLEX-4 "Cool Power Technologies" 7-15Vin (4.75 - 5.5Vin versions available), 60A max. non-isolated DC-DC converter with four fully programmable outputs. Each of the 4 outputs can be programmed from 0.6V to 5.1V out (up to 80% of Vin if required.) This high efficiency module allows for up to 60A of combined output current - 2 - 20A outputs and 2 - 10A outputs. An additional 5th output (LDO) is programmable to 5V or 3.3V & up to 50mA output current. Output startup/shutdown delay & ramp time allows for fully programmable output sequencing. 2 GPIOs (up to 4 if needed) can be programmed to indicate power good or fault conditions or be used as I/O to enable other output(s) as required. OTP, OVP, UVLO and Current Limit levels are all fully programmable to customer requirements.

These units are ideally suited for space constrained applications requiring up to 5 voltage rails. Set top boxes, servers, storage, ATE, video processing, game systems, networking and telecommunications equipment are among the many possible applications for this product. The Flex-4 is a high efficiency module with efficiencies exceeding 90% from ½ load through full load. The module complies with all of the typical industry requirements including no load operation; and startup into a pre-biased load at startup.

The pick & place capable surface-mount module is 2.60" L x 0.8" W (66.04mm x 20.321mm.) It has a maximum mounted height of 0.365" (9.28mm) which accommodates tight card spacing with minimal airflow blockage of downstream components.

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