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500 VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter Has Rugged Design

500 VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter Has Rugged Design

ABSOPULSE Electronics' CSI 500-2XD3-IP66 series was developed for the transportation, mining, marine, military, telecom, oil and gas applications that require a rugged, waterproof, dust-proof, sand-proof, fire and explosion proof* pure sine wave AC-output solution.

The CSI 500-2XD3-IP66 high frequency PWM inverters deliver 500 VA with pure sine wave output voltage. They provide 115 Vac continuous at 60 Hz or 400 Hz, or 230 Vac continuous at 50 Hz. The inverters accept voltages of 24 Vdc (21-29 V range), 48 Vdc (42-56 V), 110 Vdc (90-130 V), 125 Vdc (106-145 V) or custom. Efficiency is typically 80% at full load. Filtering on the input and output contributes to low output ripple and noise; high frequency ripple is less than 500 mVrms. Electronic protection includes 2250 Vdc input-output isolation, inrush current limiting and reverse polarity protection. The units comply with EN60950-1 and corresponding UL 458 and CSA international safety standards. They are rated for operation over a -25 °C to +55 °C temperature range for full specification; wider temperature ranges are available on request.

The CSI 500-2XD3-IP66 inverters are packaged in two IP66 rated diecast aluminum enclosures with sealed circular connectors, mounted on a base plate. The internal inverter modules are fully ruggedized and the boards are conformal coated for immunity to high levels of shock, vibration and humidity. The converters comply with certain fire resistance standards and with ATEX explosion* protection regulations. If installed in environments with wide daily ambient temperature fluctuations that lead to pressure differentials in sealed enclosures, we employ application-specific vents that equalize pressure. This minimizes strain on connectors and seals and contributes to the long term reliability of the units. 

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