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36-Channel Branch Energy Monitor Serves Single- and Multi-Phase Apps

36-Channel Branch Energy Monitor Serves Single- and Multi-Phase Apps

A three-phase, multi-function Ampere/volt demand meter from E-Mon, called Multi-Mon, provides improved energy efficiency and monitoring capabilities for multi-family, commercial, industrial, data center and other branch circuit monitoring applications.

A single Multi-Mon metering unit can monitor any combination of single- or multi-phase inputs totaling 36 channels. Accordingly, this permits configuration of up to three dozen single-phase, 18 two-phase, 12 three-phase or other load combinations up to the device’s maximum input capability. As such, Multi-Mon provides an off-the-shelf, “custom standard” solution for just about any branch circuit monitoring need.

Features include:

  • Available with solid- or split-core current sensors for optimum installation flexibility; 100-1200A
  • Compatible with E-Mon Energy software via EZ7 protocol for automatic meter reading, billing and profiling
  • Multi-Mon is powered by the measured voltages; no external power supply needed
  • Internal real-time clock can run for more than one week without external power
  • DIN rail mounting inside branch panel or optional steel enclosure for local mounting


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