Power Electronics

350 W Half Brick DC-DC Converter

CUI Inc's power line announced the release of a new 350 W dc-dc converter. The VHB350 series is a board mounted solution that comes in an industry standard half brick package. It is designed to provide high levels of isolated power for applications with a limited amount of space.

The VHB350 series accepts a wide 2:1 input and can support either 18-36 Vdc or 36-75 Vdc input voltages. The dc-dc converter is offered in a variety of different regulated output voltage versions: 3.3, 5, 12, 24, and 28 Vdc. With tight regulations and efficiencies up to 92.5%, the converter is useful in many industrial and communications applications.
Standard features include over-temperature, over-current, over voltage, and short circuit protections as well as remote on/off control and output voltage trimming. The VHB350 series is available through Digi-Key at $112.33 for 100 pcs. Contact CUI directly for OEM pricing.


  • Product name: VHB350 series
  • Availability: Stock to 12 weeks
  • Possible users: ITE, industrial, communication
  • Primary features: High power density, half brick package
  • Cost: $112.33 per unit in 100 pcs quantities
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