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32.768kHz Ultra-Low Profile Tuning Fork Crystals

32.768kHz Ultra-Low Profile Tuning Fork Crystals

Abracon Corporation introduces its ABS06L and ABS07L series of 32.768kHz ultra-low profile tuning fork crystals. Offered in an ultra-low height (0.38mm maximum), hermetically sealed, SMT package, the ABS06L and ABS07L tuning fork crystals are ideal for height restricted applications, such as smart cards.

The ABS06L is offered in a 2.00x1.20x0.38mm miniature SMT package, and the ABS07L is available in a 3.20 x 1.50 x 0.38mm miniature SMT package. These packages are drop-in replacements for standard profile 2012 and 3215 size tuning fork crystals. While offering a substantial reduction in overall height, the hermetically sealed packaging ensures optimal in-circuit performance and exceptional long-term reliability. Both the ABS06L and ABS07L devices are RoHS compliant and Pb-free, making them ideal for the reflow soldering process.

Target applications for these tuning fork crystals include: smart cards, SDIO cards, consumer electronics, handheld industrial and medical devices, and telecommunication solutions.

Key features of the ABS06L and ABS07L series include:

·     An ultra-low height (0.38mm maximum)

·     A compact, hermetically sealed SMD ceramic package

·     An industrial operating temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC

·     RoHS compliance and Pb-free

·     Ideal for reflow soldering

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