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20 A Power Line Filters for Medical Applications

20 A Power Line Filters for Medical Applications

TE Connectivity is offering 20 A extensions to the Corcom H, HQ, HT and HZ Series designed for medical applications requiring minimal leakage current and current ratings up to 20 A. The construction of the 20 A power line filters comply with the internal spacing requirements of UL 60601-1 3rd edition, the international standard for safety and effectiveness of medical electrical equipment.

Designed for use in equipment that must comply with international EMI/ RFI standards, these 20A filters limit leakage current to less than 5µA and provide levels of filtering ranging from general purpose to superior performance. These filters are suitable for use in both patient care and non-patient care equipment. The insertion loss suppresses electrical noise across the frequency range from 100kHz to 30MHz.

With their low profile design, these new filters allow quick connections and offer full design flexibility. With a compact, easy to mount design, the 20A medical power line filters are ideal for use in applications with higher current ratings, such as dialysis machines, diagnostic equipment, medical lasers, CAT scanners, MRT scanners, dentist equipment, operating room equipment and physical therapy equipment.

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