Power Electronics

130 A VTM Voltage Transformer for Server Applications

VoI Chip, Inc., a subsidiary of Vicor Corporation announced the mass production release of a new VTM voltage transformer, using Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) technology, that offers significant performance enhancements for server applications. The VIV0005TFJ operates with an upstream PRM™ regulator to drive low voltage, high current processor and memory arrays and is 130 A DC, 195 A peak rating. The module's high efficiency - greater than 90 percent - reduces both system power consumption and heat dissipated at the load.

The VIV0005TFJ's SAC has an impedance of less than 1 mΩ from DC to 1 MHz, beyond the bandwidth of other solutions, which means that capacitance normally at the load can be located at the input to the converter. With a K factor of 1/40, this module can reduce the bulk capacitance value - used for transient response - by a factor of 1600, resulting in savings of board area, materials, and total system cost. The VIV0005TFJ is ideal for microprocessor and memory power applications that require high efficiency, fast transient response, low profile, and overall design flexibility. A VTM (VIV0007TFJ) with a K factor of 1/32 and 115 A DC output is also available.

The VIV0005TFJ achieves a current density of 117 A/in2 in the "full-size" (32.5 x 22.0 x 6.7 mm) VoI Chip package, compatible with standard pick-and-place and surface-mount assembly processes. The VoI Chip package enables flexible thermal management through low thermal resistance.

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