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1200 W Benchtop Power Supply

1200 W Benchtop Power Supply

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the QPX1200SP - a 1.2 kW DC bench-top power supply featuring PowerFlex regulation, designed to meet the need for flexibility in the choice of voltage and current. It offers voltage and current combinations for a very wide range of applications between 60 V/20 A and 20 V/50 A. The QPX1200SP includes a linear output stage within its PowerFlex regulator, which gives it a very low output noise of less than 3 mV rms, and a transient recovery time typically ten times better than conventional switch mode units.

The QPX1200SP is fully digitally controlled using instrumentation-quality 16 bit DACs. Front-panel adjustment is by numeric keypad or spin wheel, and remote control interfaces of analog, RS-232, USB and LAN (Ethernet) are included as standard. The LAN interface conforms to the familiar LXI standard (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation), with a GPIB interface available as an option.

Unlike most higher-power laboratory PSUs, the QPX1200SP is equally suited to bench or rack-mount applications since output and sense terminals are provided on both the front and the rear panels. The case has convenient integral tilt feet for benchtop convenience, but a 3U rack mount is also available.

Up to 10 power set-ups can be saved and recalled via the keyboard or remote interfaces. The built-in power limiter features over-voltage, over-current, and temperature trips. A large dot-matrix backlit LCD provides a 5-digit voltage as well as a 4-digit current display, as well as indicating limit values, memory contents, and a wide range of helpful alpha-numeric messages. Limits settings can be displayed simultaneously with measurements.

The QPX1200SP operates on 110 V to 240 VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz input and is completely silent due to its convection cooling design. Weighing 20 lbs., its sturdy 3U case is 13.8" x 5.1" x 16.3" (W xH xD).

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