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100-Amp per Channel, Solid-State Power Controllers

100-Amp per Channel, Solid-State Power Controllers

Data Device Corporation introduces new 2-Channel (RP-26321000NX) and 4-Channel (RP-26311000NX) SSPCs, featuring 100 amp per channel high current throughput capability, and extremely low power dissipation, in small form factor solutions that enable highly efficient and compact system design. These high power density solutions minimize size and cooling requirements, enabling system designers to expand functionality while reducing overall Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP).

These highly efficient Solid State Power Controllers (SSPCs) enable significant SWaP-C savings compared with mechanical switches, breakers, and relays, saving space for other components and expanded functionality. When enclosed, these compact, high density power controllers enable a 7X power-to-volume and 5X power-to-weight savings, compared with larger enclosed mechanical alternatives, enabling reduced space consumption and fuel costs, while extending mission range. Additional SWaP-C savings are realized through a 70% reduction in power dissipation, along with energy savings through intelligent load shedding and prioritization. Inventory costs can be saved, as these boards can be programmed to support multiple platforms and varying mission requirements.

DDC's SSPCs have a 25X improved MTBF compared with mechanical switches, breakers, and relays, that have moving parts which are more prone to failure. They also provide real-time vehicle health and diagnostic data, enabling improved mission uptime, safety and longevity through preventative and automated maintenance. The high reliability of our SSPCs is further ensured by our battle proven technology, with more than 800,000 DDC SSPC nodes installed on military vehicles since 1988.

DDC's SSPCs enable network control, programmability, and autonomous operation - simplifying vehicle control and freeing crew members' time, so they can concentrate on mission critical tasks. They also provide channel paralleling, controlled rise/fall times, and I2t trip protection, to deliver high precision load protection and flexible power distribution. DDC's SSPCs also offer flexible control options, including CANbus interface, and a range of discrete control interfaces. These high power SSPCs allow each channel to be individually programmed within a 4:1 current range, from 25 to 100 amps.


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