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Image courtesy of Murata
<p>(Image courtesy of Murata).</p>

Thin Laminate-Type Energy Device Meets Numerous Wireless Sensor Node Demands

Murata Americas announced the release of the UMAL, a low-profile high capacity energy device.  Measuring just 2.0 x 14.0 x 21.0 mm, the product was developed to deliver a slim, high-capacity energy source with a maintenance-free extended life cycle. This makes it ideal for numerous applications, such as wireless sensor nodes, wearables, and back up power solutions.  With that, the UMAL also has charge/discharge and life cycle characteristics superior to conventional secondary batteries.

The UMAL has a nominal voltage of 2.3 VDC, can supply 12 mAh with a maximum discharge current of 120 mA, and is able to withstand load fluctuations. It has a low internal resistance of 200 mOhm and operates over the temperature range of -20 to 70 degrees Celsius.  Given the fast charging/discharging characteristics, the device does not require a peak-assist capacitor. It also has a charge capacity recovery rate of over 90 percent after 5,000 charge/discharge cycles.  Further, the UMAL has a chemically stable composition to mitigate fire and smoke hazards if output terminals short out. 

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