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High-Current OEM Battery Charger Meets Growing Demands for Extended Load Times

High-Current OEM Battery Charger Meets Growing Demands for Extended Load Times

Ideal Power announces the availability of its new 25 amp output 31FC2512-BHF High Current OEM Battery Charger developed for applications which require longer autonomy times from battery packs.

High power battery charging applications will continue to grow as mobile applications, both commercial and military, use increasing amounts of power to run entertainment, lighting, IT and instrumentation systems.

Key specifications of the Ideal Power 31FC2512-BHF High Current OEM Battery Charger include, maximum charging current 25Adc at 25°C, input voltage 230Vac ± 15%, input frequency 47~63Hz, input current 4A maximum for 230Vac, output voltage 14.4Vdc ± 0.2V (absorption charge) and 13.6Vdc ± 0.2V (Float Charge). The operating temperature range of the 31FC2512-BHF is -10°C to +55°C and on-board "smart fan" provides cooling at high output currents or high ambient temperatures.

The 31FC2512-BHF has comprehensive protection features including, input power limit at 600W (at 25°C), output short protected, output over current, over voltage and low voltage protection, battery reverse polarity protection and over temperature protection. LED status indicators are provided for power on, over temperature, de-sulphating, bulk charged and flat charged. The 31FC2512-BHF has dimensions of 6.4 inch (163mm) length, 3.54 inch ( 90mm) width, 2.095 inch (53.2mm) height and has a net weight of 560g (1.2376 lb) and is approved to EN60335-2-29 safety agency standards when fitted inside an OEM enclosure.

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