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Second-Sourced Analog Comparators

The TSM921-TSM924, TSM931-TSM934, TSM971-TSM973 and the TSM982/TSM984 series of low voltage, low-power analog comparators from Touchstone Semiconductor are lower cost, electrically and form-factor identical to their Maxim's analog comparator equivalents. Eleven of the 13 analog comparators feature an integrated 1.182V voltage reference with either ±1% (TSM92x/TSM97x) or ±2% (TSM93x/TSM98x) initial accuracy. Also, all 13 analog comparators are offered in both commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

Touchstone's alternate-source parts are drop-in replacements that can be used instead of the original manufacturer's ICs. No other changes to an existing design are required. All Touchstone semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) are in stock at and ready to ship from Digi-Key, Touchstone's authorized distributor.

Ideal for 3V or 5V single-supply applications, these comparators can operate from a single +2.5V to +11V supply or a ±1.25V to ±5V dual supply. Other common features include: a) an input voltage range from the negative supply rail to within 1.3V of the positive supply and b) 4-µs propagation delay. Single and dual comparators in these series also offer the board-level design engineer the ability to use two resistors to add hysteresis without feedback and without having to navigate complicated equations.

All these new comparators are ideally designed for low-voltage, power-sensitive applications, including threshold detectors/discriminator, oscillator circuits, window comparators, level translators and other battery-powered systems.

All single and dual comparators are available in either MSOP-8 or SOIC-8 packaging while the quad comparators are available in 150-mil wide SOIC-16 packaging. Analog comparators available in the 'C' temperature-grade are fully-specified over the 0ºC to +70ºC temperature range. Analog comparators available in the 'E' temperature grade are fully specified over the -40ºC to +85ºC temperature range. In 1,000-piece quantities, pricing for dual-only comparators and single comparators with references start at $0.45; pricing for dual comparators with voltage references start at $0.75; and pricing for quad comparators with references start at $1.15.

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