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Power Electronics
Power Switch Family Expands

Power Switch Family Expands

The newest addition to Infineon's PROFET™+ family of power switches is the dual-channel, low-ohmic BTS5016-2EKA. It saves space and optimizes performance in automotive applications with high-currents and loads of up to 12 V. From lighting, heating, power distribution, to lifting systems and power supplies, you can replace relays, fuses, and discrete circuits with a single, streamlined unit.

Automatic diagnostics detect the smallest load-change which is important for LEDs. And because the automotive environment is harsh, the BTS5016-2EKA has built-in protection against short-circuits and static discharge. It lasts longer, and so does your system.

The BTS5016-2EKA operates on a low stand-by current with minimal power leakage, which means it is also environmentally friendly.


·     N-channel power MOSFET with charge pump

·     Voltage-dependent current limitation

·     Overvoltage (Incl. Load dump) protection: 42V

·     Very high robustness against repetitive short-circuit

·     PWM capability of up to 200Hz

·     Very low stand-by current (0.5µA)

·     RoHS & ELV compliance

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