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Power Management Unit Integrates Six Buck Regulators

Power Management Unit Integrates Six Buck Regulators

TI  introduced a new power management unit (PMU) with six integrated buck regulators designed for the SandForce® SF3700 SSD controllers for notebooks and PCs. The LM10692 provides phase-shifted operation at 2-MHz switching frequency to reduce the input-current ripple. In addition, the integrated PMU minimizes inductor and capacitor size to save valuable board space. Using TI's LM10692 and MSP430 with SandForce's SF3700 controller reduces system size to a tiny 13.5-mm by 9.3-mm footprint. As part of this collaboration, TI joined the SandForce Trusted® program today in order to provide premium support and enable faster time-to-market for customers using TI solutions with the SandForce controller.

These new SSD power management devices are shipping in volume production in the following package options and prices in 1,000-unit quantities: LM10692 PMU: 36-pin, VQFN package at US$2.80.

The LM10692 Evaluation Board allows the user to test all the different features of the LM10692. It is designed to interface with a GUI on a PC through a USB port. A MCUis embedded on the board to provide the USB link to I2C and the different flags and switches. It also provides voltage input and output voltage sensing for quick monitoring and diagnosis on the GUI.


·     Six high-efficiency programmable buck regulators

·     Integrated FETs with low RDSon

·     Bucks operate phase shifted to reduce the input current ripple and capacitor size

·     Output voltage programmable via serial interface

·     Individual Buck Enable/Disable via serial interface

·     Under and Over Voltage Lock-out

 ·   Automatic internal soft start

·     Output current overload & thermal shutdown protection

·     I²C compatible serial interface, up to 3.4Mbps

·     Power-On-Reset output with delay and input voltage trigger

·     Power Good output pin indicates successful start-up of PMIC per application specific configuration

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