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Portable Chargers Have Synchronous Rectification Controller

Portable Chargers Have Synchronous Rectification Controller

Addressing the need for a highly integrated, efficient and cost-effective solution for cell phone and similar portable electronic device chargers, Diodes Inc. has introduced the APR343 synchronous rectification controller. This device integrates a secondary side MOSFET driver with an output voltage detection function to support a primary side control system.

This circuit configuration, using an external MOSFET for greater flexibility, allows for synchronous rectification in DCM (discontinuous conduction mode) operation by sensing the MOSFET drain-to-source voltage and providing a periodic signal to drive the MOSFET when the output voltage is lower than a certain threshold. By responding quickly to the secondary side voltage the APR343 can improve the transient response of the primary side control system and reduce the power dissipation of the secondary side rectifier.

Sporting over-voltage protection and under-voltage lockout (UVLO) features and with a design that minimizes external components while further saving board space with a SOT25 package, the APR343 realizes a high performance rectification solution that meets the ever demanding power converter requirements for the consumer and home appliance markets.

In quantities of 1k, the APR343 is priced at $0.35 USD each. 

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