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Power Electronics
  Load Switch Has Ultra-low RDS(ON)

Load Switch Has Ultra-low RDS(ON)

Silego Technology introduces CurrentPAK, a  family of configurable mixed-signal ICs, or CMICs. A high performance load switch including efficient, high accuracy current measurement, CurrentPAK is also the world's first load switch to have advanced programmable features. Using Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), designers can control several aspects of the device including enable logic, slew rate, current limiting, over-temperature protection, and integrated discharge rate.

The first device in the CurrentPAK family, the SLG6M6001V, has a world leading current rating of 10 Amps continuous, an ultra-low RDS(ON) value (3.8 mW), and is offered in a 2.0 x 3.0 mm, fully encapsulated, plastic package.

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