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Power Electronics
High Voltage Amplifier IC

High Voltage Amplifier IC

Apex Microtechnology's PA441DF, PA441DW and PA443DF have a low noise rating of 12 µV RMS at 20 kHz to enhance their selection as high voltage drivers in piezo positioning applications. In terms of offset voltage, all three ICs deliver a low 5 mV at a typical 25 °C operating temperature, and just 20 mV typical across the full -40 °C to +125 °C operating range.

The single-channel PA441DF is housed in a non-hermetic plastic, surface mount 24-pin PSOP, and the PA441DW is in an electrically-isolated, 10-pin ceramic SIP. The PA443DF is the dual channel version and also is available in the PSOP. All three ICs operate on a wide ±10 V to ±175 V supply. Output current is continuous at 60mA, with PEAK output of up to 120 mA. The dual-channel device doubles the output current performance and the quiescent current is a very low 2.2 mA. All three devices are pin compatible, drop-in replacements to their predecessor devices - the PA341DF, PA341DW and PA343DF.

Besides being a popular choice as a voltage driver for the fine movement positioning of piezo-electric applications, the PA441DF/PA441DW/PA443DF are targeted at other applications requiring the accurate delivery of high voltage, including  electrostatic transducer and deflection circuits, deformable mirror focusing, biochemistry stimulators and computer to vacuum interface designs.

The PA441DF is currently available in sample quantities for evaluation and prototyping, as well as volume production.  Per unit pricing for the PA441DF is $7.98 USD in 1,000 quantities. Both the PA441DW and PA443DF will be available for evaluation in Q1 2014. The EK13 is the development kit for both the PA441DF and PA443DF and includes a PCB and heatsink. The EK42 can be used with the PA441DW.

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