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Easy-to-Implement Building Blocks Simplify Designs

Easy-to-Implement Building Blocks Simplify Designs

International Rectifier, IR, announced the introduction of IR's µHVIC(TM) family of general purpose high-voltage and low-voltage integrated circuits that simplifies power system development by offering easy-to-implement building blocks for frequently used circuit elements.

The new family of µHVICTM devices includes the IRSxx752L 100V, 200V and 600V single channel high-side drivers; the IRS25751L high-voltage start-up IC; the IRS44273L single channel low-side driver IC; the IRS2505L PFC boost driver IC; and the IR25750L current sensing IC.

The µHVICTM family is a tool kit of ICs for common circuit elements in switched mode power (SMPS) electronics. The family offers engineers simple, flexible ICs with which to conveniently design and innovate. The µHVICTM family utilizes IR's proven high-voltage IC technology to realize multiple functions and integrate robust protective features in an SOT23 package. The family is available in a small 5 lead or 6 lead SOT23 package, offering a cost effective and easy to implement solution, simplifying design and reducing time to market.

Featuring integrated ESD and excellent latch immunity to enable rugged monolithic protection, IR's µHVIC™ family is qualified to industrial grade, RoHS compliant and moisture sensitivity level 1 (MSL1).

Pricing for the IRS10752L begins at US $0.24 each in quantities of 10,000-units.

Production quantities are available immediately. The devices are lead free and RoHS compliant. Prices are subject to change.

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