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 Digital Power Microcontrollers

Digital Power Microcontrollers

Digital Power microcontrollers (STM32F334) from STMicroelectronics can boost power supply efficiency and help improve data-center efficiency to over 60% by adjusting continuously as power demand fluctuates, according to the Uptime Institute. ST's new microcontroller simplifies the data-center industry's transition to energy-efficient digital power supplies, such as multi-phase interleaved or resonant soft-switching (LLC), by providing all the major power-control functions in a single chip. The 217ps high-resolution timer embedded in the STM32F334 guarantees superior precision allowing better power-supply efficiency while the asynchronous ultra-fast reaction time guarantees safe operation. This will maximize the impact of digital power conversion to improve the Cloud's efficiency, potentially reducing global electricity demand by around 260GWh daily - equivalent to the electricity consumption of the Netherlands.

The new STM32F334 Digital Power line is an extension of ST's successful STM32 family. The full pin and SW compatibility with the entry-level STM32F301 devices (with the 7ns PWM resolution) provides the powerful advantage of a single development platform. A proven development ecosystem supports the STM32F334 Digital Power line, assisting the design of high-performance digital power units.

STM32F334 Digital-Power microcontrollers are in production now and available in LQFP64, LQFP48 or LQFP32 packages, priced from $1.54 for orders of 10,000 units.


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