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Configurable and Programmable PMICs with Advanced Power Architecture

Configurable and Programmable PMICs with Advanced Power Architecture

Micrel Inc. introduced the MIC7400/MIC7401, a new family of highly integrated and configurable power-management IC (PMIC) solutions featuring six independent DC/DC regulators. Available in a small 4.5mm x 4.5mm FQFN package, this product family provides one of the industry's highest power density solutions with total solution size of 12mm x 8mm x 1mm. The MIC7400/MIC7401 combine a total of five independent 3A synchronous buck converters, an independent 200mA non-synchronous boost converter, and numerous programmable features, providing a highly flexible power solution. The device is targeted at SSDs and a growing number of applications deploying processors and SOCs, including smart-home and internet-of-things (IoT) devices.

The devices are configurable via an I2C interface and an internal EEPROM. These highly configurable power management devices offer dynamic output voltage scaling, normal and standby modes, and start-up power sequencing order and delays. Utilizing only 200 microamperes of quiescent current in normal mode, the MIC7400/MIC7401 also has a low power standby mode of operation that provides flexibility to reduce the quiescent current by decreasing output voltage or completely turning off any individual output. This feature further optimizes efficiency in sleep/hibernate states and prolongs operating life in sensitive lower power applications. The combination of power density and feature flexibility, in addition to superior fast transient response and light load performance, results in an efficiency-optimized high-density solution for space constrained applications while reducing design cycle time.

The device is accompanied by a simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) tool to aid in the configuration and monitoring. TheMIC7400/MIC7401 operates from a 2.4V to 5.5V input and can provide an output of 0.8V to 3.3V for the buck regulators with 1.5 percent output accuracy over line/load and temperature. The integrated boost regulator is capable of regulating output voltages from 7V to 14V. Other configurable features include soft-start rise/fall times, current limit, output active discharge in-addition to the threshold and delay for the integrated power-on-reset circuitry.  The MIC7400 and MIC7401 are specified with a junction temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. 

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