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CAN Transceiver Provides ±60V Fault Protection for Improved System Reliability

CAN Transceiver Provides ±60V Fault Protection for Improved System Reliability

Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC2875, a high voltage tolerant CAN (controller area network) transceiver to greatly reduce field failures without the need of costly external protection devices. In practical CAN systems, installation cross-wiring faults, ground voltage faults or lightning induced surge voltages can cause overvoltage conditions that exceed absolute maximum ratings of typical transceivers. The LTC2875 features ±60 V overvoltage fault and ±25 kV HBM ESD protection on the data transmission lines, protecting bus pins during operation and shutdown. Whether a circuit is transmitting, receiving or powered off, the LTC2875 tolerates any voltage within ±60 V without damage, increasing the robustness of typical CAN networks.

CAN bus systems are becoming increasingly popular in industrial controls, instrumentation networks and automotive electronics. The CAN bus has a well-defined protocol stack, with support for standalone controllers, FPGAs and ASICs, making implementation easier over alternative interfaces, such as RS485.

The LTC2875 provides the flexibility to be powered from a 3.3 V or 5 V rail, which is very useful in industrial applications where a 5 V rail may not be present. In addition to the high fault and ESD protection, the device features a low electromagnetic emission (EME) driver with a transmit data (TXD) dominant timer to prevent faulty controllers from clamping the bus, as well as a high electromagnetic immunity (EMI) receiver with an extended ±36 V common mode range to enable operation in electrically noisy environments and in the presence of ground loops.

The LTC2875 features a high speed data rate of 4 Mbps with an adjustable slew rate for data rates as low as 1 kbps. A shutdown mode brings all of the LTC2875’s outputs to high impedance and reduces power consumption to 1 µA.

The LTC2875 is offered in commercial, industrial, automotive and military (-55 °C to 125 °C) temperature grades and is available in 3mm x 3mm DFN-8 and SO-8 packages, with industry-standard pinouts. Pricing starts at $1.72 each in 1,000 piece quantities.


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