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225°C Isolated Gate Driver For SiC, Si Power Switches

225°C Isolated Gate Driver For SiC, Si Power Switches

CISSOID unveils its 2nd generation of HADES®, the high-reliability, high voltage isolated gate driver chipset. HADES® drives both high efficiency Silicon Carbide (SiC) and traditional silicon power switches.

HADES® Gen2 is aiming at four key objectives:

·     Maximizing the benefits of the newest Silicon Carbide (SiC) power switches: Increased switching frequencies translate into dramatic reduction of the size & weight of the passive & magnetic components; while faster switching times lead to increased energy efficiency of the converters or motor drivers;

·     High temperature capability of HADES® allows to locate the driver next to the power switches, hence minimizing parasitic inductances and their negative impact on efficiency;

·     Addressing the distinct needs of very high-temperature applications (e.g.  225 °C normal operation), as well as of lower temperatures (100~175 °C) together with unrivalled silicon lifetime (different temperature flavors will be available to address distinct needs);

·     Bringing the highest integration level for miniaturization of the gate driver function, enabling turnkey gate driver modules and Intelligent Power Modules.

HADES is poised to outperform any gate driver solution on the market for all these merit factors. It has been optimized to meet the requirements of large-volume, cost sensitive applications, including industrial and automotive, for any system running above 100 °C.

HADES® Gen2 integrated circuits will remain backward compatible with the former generation of HADES (CISSOID's current reference design based on their THEMIS, ATLAS and RHEA chips). This second generation will provide a more integrated solution,  resulting in a dramatic improvement of compactness. Special attention has been brought to support of a wide range of SiC power switches currently available, including MOSFETs, JFETs and BJTs.

CISSOID will use the HADES V2 chipset to offer a turnkey module version of its gate driver in a reliable hermetic module that will greatly facilitate implementations of power converters with 225 °C rating.

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