Power Electronics
2 x 4 W Protected High-Side Switch

2 x 4 W Protected High-Side Switch

The BTS50040-2SFA from Infineon is a dual-channel high-side power switch with a typical RDS(on) of 4 mohm per channel in a PG-DSO-36 package providing load current sense diagnosis and embedded protection functions including ReverSave™ and Infineon® INTELLIGENT LATCH. It is most suitable for high current loads in 12 V automotive and industrial systems, such as glow plug controllers, PTC heaters, seat heaters or lamps.

The power transistors are built by a dual N-channel vertical power MOSFET with a charge pump for high-side switching. The design is basedon smart power chip-by-chip technology. The BTS50040-2SFA has ground-referenced CMOS-compatible inputs. The slew rates can be adjusted via slew rate selection pins. Integrated protection functions include short circuit protection with latch, overtemperature shutdown with latch, overvoltage protection and loss of ground protection.

ReverSave™ is a protection feature that causes the power transistor to switch on in the event of reverse polarity. As a result, the power dissipation is reduced during reverse polarity. INTELLIGENT LATCH ensures a latched switch-off and reporting if a fault occurs.

The BTS50040-2SFA has a very low standby current for low current consumption at module level. The device is qualified according to AEC.

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