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Wirewound Resistors Suit Military Applications

TT electronics’ IRC Wire and Film Technologies Division provides an axial lead precision wirewound resistor designed specifically for military and avionics systems. Designated the RB/RBR Series, the resistors meet or exceed MIL-R-93 and MIL-PRF-39005.

Typically configured as a precision voltage divider or current shunt, the RB/RBR Series resistors are ideal for applications where highly accurate measurement of voltage or current is required. These resistors are constructed by winding the resistance core in a controlled stress manner, then welding the terminations to reduce contact noise and thermal EMF. They undergo accelerated aging and additional testing to ensure precise accuracy and stability throughout its lifespan.

Available in axial and radial terminal configurations, power ratings for the RB/RBR Series resistors range from 0.125 W to 0.5 W. Standard tolerance ranges from ±0.01% to ±1.0%, and operating temperature range is -65°C to +145°C. IRC will also provide precision resistors with special TCR’s, screening or other specifications to meet customer requirements.

The RB/RBR Series is part of IRC’s extensive offering of full MIL-spec and commercial resistors. The IRC facility includes one of the industry’s most comprehensive military-qualified test labs. Typical pricing for the RB/RBR Series resistors is $17.76 in quantities of 50.

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