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Wirewound Inductors Target Flat Panel Displays

TAIYO YUDEN has expanded its portfolio of 6-mm x 6-mm wire-wound power inductors with the introduction of the NR6028 series of 2.8-mm high devices. These devices target dc-dc converter choke coil applications in LCD and plasma TVs and other flat panel displays (FPDs) and offer low dc resistance, high inductance, high current ratings and improved performance versus previous company models (see the table).

Device type: wire-wound power inductors
Inductance range: 0.9 µH to 100 µH
Current rating: 0.62 A to 6.6 A
DCR: 0.013 Ω to 0.6 Ω
Operating temperature range: ???
RoHS compliant? yes
Target applications: dc-dc converter choke-coil applications in flat panel displays
Pricing: $0.20 each in sample quantities
Availability: available now
Data sheets posted on web? not available

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