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Wirewound Inductor Achieves High Current Rating

Taiyo Yuden's NR6045T series of wirewound power inductors for choke coils in dc-dc converter applications are rated for currents from 0.8 A to 8.5 A. The 14 models in the series also offer inductances from 1.0 µH to 100 µH, and dc resistances from 0.014 Ω to 0.5 Ω. A sleeveless, square-core winding was developed for use by the series that eliminates wasted space and thickens the lead wire inside the inductor to achieve the low dc resistance.

These inductors have a 6-mm x 6-mm x 4.5-mm height (max) form factor. They are priced at $0.30 each in volume quantities.

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