Power Electronics

Wire-Actuated Encoders Provide Large Measuring Range In A Compact Design For Space-Constrained Applications

Siko Products has introduced a slim, compact design and the measurement length of up to 3000 mm make the SG20 and SG30 Wire-Actuated Encoders ideal for space-constrained applications such as crane manufacturing where it is primarily used for measuring the position of the crane support adjustments. This particular area of application requires components with a small footprint to enable simple, cost-effective implementation of redundant measurement systems. An additional advantage of these encoders is the working temperature range of - 40°C to + 80°C to ensure reliable acquisition of measurement data even in extreme weather conditions. This is particularly beneficial to crane systems that often operate in extreme climates. The SG30 also has four independent, lockable aeration holes that help avoid condensation caused by fluctuating temperatures.

A solid zinc die-cast housing and spring assembly of fiberglass-reinforced plastic construction give the SG20 and SG30 maximum strength

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