Wet Tantalum Capacitors for Avionics and Aerospace

Wet Tantalum Capacitors for Avionics and Aerospace

The T16 series of tantalum-cased wet tantalum capacitors with glass-to-tantalum hermetic seals from Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. is now available in the A, B, C, and D case codes. For avionics and aerospace applications, the devices have been enhanced with improved vibration (sine: 50 g; random: 27.7 g) capability.

Vishay's T16 electrolytic capacitors provide all the advantages of the company's SuperTan® series devices while offering reverse voltage of 1.5 V at +85 °C, thermal shock of 300 cycles, and high vibration capability. The wet tantalum capacitors are optimized for timing, filtering, energy hold-up, and pulse power applications in power supplies for space and avionics equipment.

The T16 series features voltages from 25 V to 125 V, high capacitance from 10 µF to 680 µF, and capacitance tolerance of ±10 % and ±20 % standard at 120 Hz and +25 °C. The devices operate over a temperature range of -55 °C to +85 °C, to +125 °C with voltage derating, and provide low ESR down to 0.70 Ω at 120 Hz and +25 °C. The capacitors released today feature standard tin / lead terminations, with RoHS-compliant 100 % tin terminations available.

Samples and production quantities of the extended T16 series are available now, with lead times of 10 weeks for larger orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery ranges from $35 to $70, depending on case size and rating, in high quantities. 

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