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Wet Electrolytic Tantalum Capacitors Suit Harsh Environs

Wet Electrolytic Tantalum Capacitors Suit Harsh Environs

AVX Corporation introduced the new TWA-E Series axial-leaded wet electrolytic tantalum capacitor.  Featuring a welded tantalum can and header assembly that provides a hermetic seal capable of withstanding harsh shock and vibration requirements in accordance with CECC 30 202-01, the series exhibits a high level of CV in four case sizes (T1-T4).  Rated for 25-125V and 15-1500µF, TWA-E Series capacitors are ideal for use in filtering, DC-DC power supplies, power converters, bulk energy storage, pulse power, radar, RF transmitters, and laser drives.

Manufactured in Europe in accordance with CECC 30 202-001 (EN 130202), TWA-E Series capacitors feature E-level inspection per CECC testing.  Rated for use in temperatures spanning -55ºC to 125ºC, the series is available both with and without an insulation sleeve and can be supplied with SnPb 60/40 or lead-free, pure tin terminations.

Custom capacitance and voltage packages are available and a several new devices will be added to the series later this year.  Current lead time for the new TWA-E Series wet electrolytic tantalum capacitors is eight to 10 weeks.

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