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'Verti-Zontal' MLCC Capacitors

Holy Stone International has announced the availability of their new "Verti-Zontal" (vertically oriented, horizontally stacked) MLCC capacitors specifically designed for applications where headroom is limited and a high CV product is required. This new SVZ Series orients individual capacitors vertically which limits the overall height while the stack itself extends horizontally across the mounting area on the board. The low ESR design allows for very high CV in the available foot print space.

The compact, yet high CV design of these "Verti-Zontal" stacks is ideal for power applications and is especially suited for input and output filters, The lead frame construction isolates the MLCC from both thermal and mechanical stresses which can be problematic with large capacitors. The Holy Stone design provides outstanding mechanical integrity as the design provides for individual leads to be centered on each cap insert. The low center of gravity provides superior shock and vibration resistance so theycan be used in harsh environments. The SVZ series is also available using Holy Stone's industry leading high temperature dielectric in temperature ratings up to 200°C. The High Temperature series is called HVZ series.

Sample quantities are available from stock with large quantity requirements available on an 8 week ARO delivery basis. A four stack 2225 50V rated 22µF is currently being quoted at $ 3.00 ea. in lots of 5000 pieces.

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