Power Electronics

Vendors Collaborate on Magnetic Device Simulation

ACME Magnetics USA and Intusoft are working together to incorporate ferrite cores produced by ACME Electronics into Intusoft’s “Magnetics Designer” simulation tool. Magnetics Designer automates the design of magnetic devices for manufacturing, plus builds a magnetic SPICE model for simulation of electronic systems.

The U.S. business unit of ACME Electronics, which produces ferrite cores in Taiwan, Malaysia and China, has teamed with Intusoft, to add ACME’s ferrite materials and geometries into Magnetics Designer’s extensive core database.

“The addition of ACME’s ferrite cores is of significant value to our user base for two paramount reasons. First, it connects one of the world’s largest core manufacturers to our magnetic design and manufacturing end users. Secondly, ACME’s market expertise in targeting key industries and respective magnetic manufactures will help augment our respective sales channels,” says Tim Ghazaleh, director of marketing for Intusoft.

According to Ron Flores, Vice President of ACME Magnetics USA, “Intusoft’s Magnetics Designer dramatically reduces design time by automating traditional methods of design. Our new relationship with Intusoft opens a unique opportunity for us to include performance characteristics of ACME products into a design-automation tool that our customers can use with confidence.”

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