Power Electronics

Vendors Collaborate on Integrated Power Modules

Semikron International (www.semikron.com), a supplier of diode/thyristor power modules, and STMicroelectronics (www.stm.com), a supplier of power semiconductors, are teaming up to develop and deliver integrated power modules for industrial, consumer, and automotive markets. These products will embed ST’s power devices in Semikron’s SEMITOP power packages. In creating these products, the two companies will combine their complementary competences to offer robust and cost-effective power solutions, while using the new module range to expand their respective market coverage.

This collaboration creates new opportunities for traditional power devices, including IGBTs and power MOSFETs, as well as for ST’s Emitter-Switched Bipolar Transistor (ESBT) devices. The ESBT components combine power bipolar and power MOSFET structures to offer both high-voltage capability and high switching frequencies.

The SEMITOP package allows several chips such as IGBTs, diodes, and input bridge rectifiers to be integrated in a single module. Package-level integration reduces the component count and board space of discrete solutions, while ensuring superior connectivity and inherent reliability. The use of advanced processes and materials,
including direct bond copper ceramic substrate and internal gel coating, results in excellent thermal management and immunity to external temperature variation and mechanical stress.

The new power modules are set to address the growing demand for more integrated and reliable high-power platformsin applications such as welding equipment, UPSs, home appliances, motor drives, and switched-mode power supplies.Volume production of the power modules will start in Q2 of this year. ST and Semikron will market them independently, assuring dual sources.

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