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Ultracapacitors Market to Reach $560 Million in 2011

The ultracapacitors, or supercapacitors, market is expected to see continued growth during 2006 to 2011, forecasts Innovative Research and Products (iRAP; Stamford, Conn.) in a study published in September 2006. The report, “Ultracapacitors — A Global Industry and Market Analysis (ETP-101),” estimates that the $272 million worldwide ultracapacitor business in 2006 will continue to grow at an average annual growth rate of 15.3% through 2011, to reach $560 million.

The report focuses on key ultracapacitor products and provides data about the size and growth of the ultracapacitors markets, company profiles and industry trends. Markets are estimated for North America, Europe, Japan, China, India, Korea and the rest of the world. In the report, iRAP also discusses the economic issues driving the ultracapacitors business. Also covered are legislative pressures for more safety and environmental protection, as well as users' expectations for economical ultracapacitors.

The study also provides extensive quantification of the many important facets of market development in ultracapacitors, which in turn, contributes to a determination of what kind of strategic response companies may adopt in order to compete in these dynamic markets. There are three major markets where ultracapacitors are needed: automotive, consumer electronics and industrial power management. Each of these markets has its own specific requirements, according to the iRAP report.

For more information, see www.innoresearch.net.

Application 2005 ($) 2006 ($) 2011 ($) 2006-2011 AAGR (%)
Consumer electronics 61.3 70.8 144.8 15.4
Automotive systems 72.7 89.6 254.2 23.2
Industrial applications 103.4 111.4 161.4 7.7
Total 237.4 271.8 560.4 15.3
Global market for ultracapacitors, by application, through 2011 (millions of U.S. dollars). Source: iRAP.
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