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Ultracapacitor: More Power, More Ruggedness

Ioxus, Inc. announced its new iCAP™3,000 Farad (F) ultracapacitor, the first size in a new family of cell products. Ioxus iCAP ultracapacitors represent the lowest weight, lowest equivalent series resistance (ESR) and highest power density available in the market for energy storage cells. With the widespread availability of Ioxus iCAP ultracapacitor cells, manufacturers gain unmatched durability and adaptability to support a wide array of applications.

Among those uses are transportation drive, grid power storage, regenerative energy capture, backup power and uninterruptible power supply (UPS), ride-through, power conditioning, and renewable energy systems. In all of these areas, the Ioxus iCAP 3,000F ultracapacitor delivers the heaviest duty cycles possible and the longest life, due to minimal temperature rise.

The Ioxus iCAP 3,000F ultracapacitor is ideal for prototype-to-production support, facilitating low ESR bus bar connections with the largest achievable contact areas. The double holes are off axis, preventing cell damage during assembly and making the Ioxus iCAP 3,000F ultracapacitor durable enough for even the toughest applications.

Among the features of the Ioxus iCAP 3,000F ultracapacitor are many market differentiators, including:

  • Weldable, double female threaded terminals
  • Largest diameter terminals
  • Single terminal design for bolted or welded connection
  • Lowest cell ESR
  • Mil spec tumble test rated

Ioxus iCAP cells are designed for high shock and vibration applications such as heavy equipment or rail. The iCAP 3,000F ultracapacitors offer a 2.7V working voltage and adhere to industry standard footprints.

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