Power Electronics

Ultracapacitor Modules Speed Prototyping

Maxwell Technologies’ “Quick-Turn” BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor module program offers custom-configured multi-cell energy storage and power delivery solutions for systems requiring up to 540 V. Custom Quick-Turn modules based on the BCAP2600 2600-F Energy and Power cells are immediately available, and additional options based on the entire MC family of products, ranging from 650 F to 3000 F will be phased in. Quick-Turn module pricing will be quoted on a fixed-fee basis for quantities of one to five units.

Maxwell also offers a complete line of standard, 15-V to 48-V multi-cell packs and modules based on the company’s Power- and Energy-type ultracapacitor cells. Both standard and Quick-Turn modules are encased in rugged, splash-proof aluminum chassis and include internal cell balancing that give designers “plug and play” solutions, plus module-to-module balancing that makes them versatile building blocks for systems with higher voltage requirements. All BOOSTCAP cells with a capacitance of 650 F or greater operate at 2.7 V.

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