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Ultra-Thin 0402 Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitors for Low Profile Applications

AVX Corporation has developed a series of ultra thin ceramic capacitors targeted at applications where low profile is vital, such as smart cards, high-density SIM cards, and memory modules. Designated the UT Series, the ultra-thin parts have the same footprint as 0402 devices, but are only as thick as conventional 0201 products. In addition, the advanced capacitors retain the same voltage and capacitance ratings as the standard 0402 capacitors.

Featuring a novel chemical termination system that allows very precise and highly repeatable termination thickness and dimensions, parts can be produced that measure just 0.3mm high with a capacitance value of 10nF and a voltage rating of up to 25V. Operating temperature is -55 to +85°C. Insulation resistance is 100 000Mohms, minimum. ESL is 164µH; ESR is 75.6mΩ.

These new ultra-thin ceramic capacitors suit applications anywhere the thickness of components is major hurdle in the design. Later, AVX also expects to introduce even thinner 0.15mm devices for embedding within PCBs, saving even more space.

Pricing typically starts at $0.05 each in quantity of 100K with a typical lead time of eight weeks.

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