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Two Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient Resettable Fuses into a Single Package

Bourns, Inc. announced that the company has integrated two polymer positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) resettable fuses into a single package. This new Multifuse® device contains twin 250V polymer PPTC resettable fuses and decreases the circuit protection footprint by fifty percent on the circuit board. Designated the Bourns® Model MF-SD013/250-2, the device provides both tip and ring overcurrent protection and aids compliance with ITU-T K.20, K21 and K.45 industry standards as well as Telcordia GR-1089 intra building. Bourns® Multifuse® devices are an optimal solution for telecommunication applications including customer premise equipment and line cards.

"In response to growing demands for smaller devices that use less circuit board real estate, Bourns has innovatively packaged two Multifuse® PPTC devices together that protect both tip and ring lines into just one component instead of two," said Paul Wiener, telecom market director for Bourns' circuit protection products. "Bourns' new Multifuse® products deliver superior overcurrent and overvoltage circuit protection and also comply with key industry standards."

Bourns® Multifuse® Model MF-SD013/250-2 is available now. As a pricing reference, the new Multifuse® device with twin polymer PPTC resettable fuses is priced from $0.50 in 400 piece quantities per reel.

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